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Pro AV of Ohio Projects in the past 18 years

With over 50 years of combined experience, Pro AV of Ohio Ltd. has been bringing pro audio and video solutions to many Churches, Schools, Theaters, Stadiums, Venues, Restaurants, Service Organizations and Local Businesses. Give us a call or simply fill our a free Quote Request below.

What we can do for you

Sound and Video in sanctuaries provides unique ways to enhance and deliver the worship experience. Whether your congregation is in-person or viewing remotely we have tools and options for your specific needs. Over the years Pro AV of Ohio has helped a variety of traditional churches, as well as more contemporary houses of worship.

Sound and Video in Auditoriums provides unique ways to enhance and deliver the best experience for your show or venue. Whether your productions are Theatrical based or Live Music based, having the correct and versatile house system will provide the greatest flexibility of what your venue can host. Pro AV of Ohio has worked with many different theaters and venues to provide unique solutions to their specific needs.

Video Streaming Systems provide a wider reach for your intended audience. Not only has the recent pandemic shown a need for the ability of content and services to be available, but also the long-term use of systems to provide a convenient way of being connected for congregations and organizations to have their message reach out beyond their physical doors.

Video Projection & Monitors is a great cost effective way to enhance the worship or learning experience. Whether it is an 1800s small country church, a large stone Cathedral, or a new office building, Pro AV of Ohio can design a system to best accommodate your specific technology and maintain aesthetic architectural design.

Stage Lighting can not only help illuminate a stage or pulpit area, it can also help set mood and enhance audience retention. Other benefits include helping enhance picture quality of streaming video and providing atmospheric effects. Request a free Quote today from Pro AV Ohio.

In today’s climate, video surveillance is becoming a necessity for businesses, libraries, churches, schools, and organizations. We provide in-house surveillance solutions to help you protect patrons, employees, congregations, and assets.

Digital Signage is a great way to reach customers and employees with advertisements, reminders, information, company policies, etc. Whether it is a restaurant wanting to display a menu, specials, & events or a factory wanting to display safety information. At Pro AV of Ohio we can provide the best solution for you specific needs.

Whether it is an outdoor field or inside a gymnasium, Stadium Sound Systems need to provide coverage and clarity. At Pro AV of Ohio we have the tools and experience to provide what is needed for your space.

If you have a space that is great for your needs but is difficult to hear because of it being too loud, full of echo’s and reverberation- Pro AV of Ohio has the technology to absorb unwanted reflections or noise by strategic placement of sound damping acoustic panels. These can be wrapped with acoustic fabric to match specific color profiles and they can even be wrapped with a custom designed print to resemble artwork or other specific design elements.

We provide a more cost effective approach for a church that has or wants to update or install a Carillon Bell System.

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